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To choose your version, you'll have to consider 2 aspects:


  • Remotto (PS4): black color
  • Remotto 5 (PS5): white color
  • Remotto Talents Edition (PS4 & PS5): Limited special edition inspired in our content creators TheGrefg y Ampeterby7.
  • Remotto Soccer Edition (PS4 & PS5): Limited special edition made for the football lovers
  • PS4: Compatible with DualShock 4 (PlayStation 4 official controller) and Scuf Infinity Pro (PS4) with Paddles. Micro-USB charge (cable not included)
  • PS5: Compatible with DualSense (PlayStation 5 official controller), USB-C charge (cable not included)
  • X Controllers: Compatible with the X Controllers brand's controllers with Back Paddles (PS4). MicroUSB charge (cable not included)