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Enerjoy GO


The perfect accessory for Nintendo Switch® 

Enerjoy GO is our latest product for the Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED. It's more portable than ever, featuring a 5,000mAh battery for increased convenience.

Thanks to Remotto's  supreme magnetic integration, light weight and +9-hour battery life, your gaming experience will remain unbeatable for more time.

You can use your Enerjoy as the three most relevant accessories for Nintendo Switch:

  • Battery on the go
  • Controller Mode
  • Charge Stand Mode

hero_enerjoy go.png__PID:cf0c056a-bce4-4df4-864a-201e742d4910

Our latest product. More portable than ever,

Lightweight design for portability

Engineered and crafted for maximum portability, the Enerjoy GO ensures that you can take your gaming adventures anywhere without the burden of added weight. Its compact and streamlined design seamlessly integrates with your Nintendo Switch & OLED.

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5,000mAh battery for any moment

This portable powerhouse ensures uninterrupted gaming sessions whenever and wherever you desire. Whether you're on the move or settled in for an extended gaming spree, Enerjoy GO delivers the power you need to keep the excitement going. 

but still packed with the 3-in-1 features you love.

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Charge stand mode

Battery on the go.png__PID:706b7e86-fbcc-4ed8-8fba-936b17f396ba
Controller mode.png__PID:7e86fbcc-fed8-4fba-936b-17f396ba6d05

Controller mode

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Power Up with USB-C

The USB-C port on Enerjoy GO it's your universal power source. Connect a range of devices hassle-free. Whether it's your smartphone or any USB-C compatible gadget, this port keeps all your devices ready for action.

closeup 2.png__PID:921a4aa7-c600-40d4-bd2b-20614e5b73e8

Magnetic clip

Experience seamless integration like never before! Enerjoy GO features a magnetic clip that effortlessly connects and secures your Nintendo Switch with the battery pack. This clip ensures a snug fit, allowing you to game with confidence and convenience. 

magnetic clip.png__PID:ed25da3b-258c-4107-a018-e608f3d8af04
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Enerjoy Go it's waiting for you